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Where to Buy a Chevy

With car dealers sprawled across major and minor cities in the US, buying a Lansing Chevy should not pose a major challenge. It also depends on whether you are seeking to buy a new or used car. Either way, you will need to do some shopping. This is important as it helps you gauge the market for trending prices, best dealerships, financing options and so on. Whether this is going to be your first car or not, you need to be a savvy shopper. It is always advisable to test drive your desired car before making a purchase. Request an auto mechanic or a friend who understands cars to accompany you on such a drive.

Below are suggestions on places where you can buy a Chevy:


These are places that have been authorized to sell specific car brands only. In this case, you are looking at finding different Chevy models in stock, Lansing included. The good thing with such outlets is that you are assured of buying a car that has come straight from the manufacturer. In addition, the dealers offer you service warranties. This means that after you have driven the car for a certain mileage; you should take it to the dealer’s workshop for service. There are other incentives associated with buying cars from dealers. You stand to benefit from offers, car insurance and financing options.

Used car dealers

As the name suggests, these are sellers who deal exclusively with used cars. That means they stock different car models since they are not tied to specific manufacturers. If you decide to pursue this route, then you might have to spend more time shopping for the desired Chevy. Assuming that you are looking for a navy blue Lansing, it will take you some time and numerous visits to dealers within your town in order to find it. Another thing that will guide your acquisition is the year of manufacture. You should also get interested in the history of the car on offer. Find out how many users it has had before finding its way back to the showroom.

Friends and family

This is another ideal source of purchasing a used car. The beauty about it is that you will be dealing with people who are known to you. As such, you are well aware of their driving and car care habits. Friends can also allow you to have the Chevy for several days or even weeks. As you do so, you get a chance to gauge its performance both on and off road. You can also bargain and get a fair deal on the purchase. Always ensure that you have entered into written agreements in case you will be paying for the car in instalments.

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