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What does an HOA cover?


A homeowner’s association (HOA) is an association that is responsible for managing various aspects of residential buildings such as apartments or condominiums. They can also manage certain aspects relating to the neighborhood or community. To become a member of the HOA board, you must either be appointed or elected. A HOA company can also be hired by some residential communities to take care of the needs and concerns of both residents and homeowners. Some of the aspects that a HOA covers are listed below. Homeowners and residents are required to pay HOA fees every month to cover the HOAs activities.


A HOA ensures that the rules and regulations of a neighborhood or community are enforced with regard to a home’s appearance, including the yard. Such rules would include the regular mowing of lawns; the restriction of the colors that can be used for painting the house’s outer walls, window frames, doors and garage doors; the requirement to only park certain vehicles in garages and not on the driveways or on the streets. These rules pertaining to the neighborhood’s appearance are enforced by means of warnings or fines levied on residents who flout the rules. The purpose is to make the neighborhood look neat and consistent. A garage door company in Atlanta can help with any garage door problems or installation of a new door.


A HOA will often cover certain utility costs of your home, such as water consumption, garbage removal and electricity costs relating to the building’s common areas. It however does not cover your private electricity and gas bill, nor your telephone, cable television or internet costs.

Maintenance of the landscaping

A HOA is usually responsible for managing the landscaping and the grounds in a residential area. Where the residential area has freestanding homes, the homeowners are required to take care of their own front and back yards, while the HOA will take care of common areas such as parks. The HOA will also take care of removing snow from the common areas in winter. The actual maintenance work is usually done by a hired company and paid using the collected monthly HOA fees.

Maintenance of the building

A HOA usually covers the general maintenance of the building, especially in the case of condominiums and apartments. In residential areas with freestanding homes, the HOA may be responsible for the maintenance of a common building such as a recreational center. The HOA will cover the repair of damage that is as a result of bad weather or a natural disaster such as an earthquake. It will also cover pest control, such as termites or other destructive pests. A HOA also usually takes out an insurance policy that principally covers the exterior part of a building. Homeowners would however be well-advised to take out another insurance policy for their own home.

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