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Try Fiber Optic Internet For The Best FIOS in Paterson

As a writer, it’s important that I find the best fiber optic service (fios) in my price range.

I’ve done quite a lot of searching what sometimes seemed a hopeless task. It seemed that everyone who could offer me the speed and reliability that I need was asking a price so far above my budget that it was laughable. Then I stumbled upon what has to be the best fits in Paterson. The name of the company is Fiber Optic Internet, and they were perfect in almost everyday meaning my long search was over.

Best Prices for Fios in Paterson

Fiber Optic Internet offers a price range for everyone. They work with several different internet providers such as Cox, AT&T, and Comcast. They even work with my favorite first provider Verizon. The company can work out great deals with these companies to create savings that are then passed on to their clients. I found what I wanted on a package that used Verizon.


Since they work with such well-known and respected providers you can get the reliability you need. It’s is especially important for persons like me who are working on deadlines. My editors would not be happy if I were forced to be late because my service was down. Fiber Optic Internet has one of the best records in the business for reliability with 99.9 % up time and 24-hour support so I can get help when I need it. It’s true even in the middle of the night.

There are so many companies out there making claims about great reliability that fail in doing what they say they will. This delay is not acceptable to me or my employers. They have deadlines just as I do and as you do. With Fiber Optic Internet, their record speaks for itself. After all, you can only get this type of reliability with the top providers in the business. That is what I got when I chose Verizon as part of my package.


When uploading or downloading document and images speed can be all important. No one wants to wait hours to receive vital information for business. It’s no problem for Fiber Optic Internet. They offer speeds between 2mbps to 1 gbps to meet everyone’s needs. If you’re not sure what speed you need you can choose a lower one and increased it by 1mbps increments until you find your perfect speed.

They do this happily and with no penalties or headaches. Fiber Optic Internet offers fast installation without any hidden fees. It seems so many other companies are always tossing in extra costs and when you call to find out exactly what they’re for you just get the runaround. It always makes me frustrated when that happens. I can’t even budget for services since they vary monthly depending on extra hidden fees.

Try Fiber Optic Internet for the best fios in Paterson, you’ll be glad you did.

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