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Tough Teen Issues

During the teenage years individuals face a lot of tough issues. Some common issues a lot of teenagers are faced with can include: pregnancy, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, school, family problems, body image, virginity, gossip, violence and self harm. Now that is a hard list to swallow if you ask me. It seems like in today’s society the world is getting more evil and it is harder to stand your ground with good moral standards. So how can teenagers deal effectively with these issues and not become victim to their adverse consequences and effects?

One great option is family counseling if you see your teen needs some help. Now I can guarantee that your teen isn’t going to be thrilled about this concept and will more than likely fight you on the issue. They may be in denial and not feel that they have an issue. However, as a parent you need to try really hard to make counseling happen if you feel that will be the most beneficial. There are many benefits to counseling. Counseling has the ability to: make you feel better about yourself, feel more secure in the world, feel more successful and more joyful, reduce stress, teach you good skills to work though issues and problems, identify your goals, help you understand your own thoughts and feelings, give you a safe a friendly ear that will listen and offer advice, and help give you the tools to help you work towards greater self mastery. As someone who has experienced counseling personally, as well as worked in a treatment center, I cant emphasize enough how important counseling can be in an individual’s life who is struggling with something. The teen years are crucial for your child to stay on a good path. You have put so much effort into raising your child right and teaching them good principles that the last thing you as a parent want is for them to get with the wrong crowd and throw their life away. They are still so young and have so much potential ahead of them that you want to make sure their teen years are a positive time in their lives.

If you are a parent of a teen who is struggling with any of the common issues I mentioned above or even something else completely, there are some things you can do to help. First, do not nag, label, threaten or scold that your teen needs to change. If you approach the topic attacking, they will attack back. Come at the issue in a more loving way. Take the time to observe your teen with open eyes and an open heart. Notice what they are doing and how it is changing them. Then try to be accepting and understanding helping them to realize that you love and care about them so much that you want to help in any way. Give your teen a listening ear that they can turn to when they struggle and need some help and support. Teach them that there are healthy alternatives out there and that life can still be fun by living higher standards. Bottom line just love your teen and help them work through their tough issues. 

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