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Tips On Raising Your Pet

Many different dog owners have different ways and beliefs on how they want to raise their dog. There are some bad practices out there that you should not do that may go unforeseen. You should look at raising your dog as like raising a child, everything that you do determines how he or she turns out.

When you first bring home your puppy you will want to make sure that you socialize it with other people and other animals. This will teach your dog to trust others and also you will be able to trust your dog to interact peacefully. You will not have to have that worry in the back of your head if your dog is going to snap at any given time! You should try and give him a couple of hours of playtime a day if you can.

Just like children have rules, your new found friend has to also. Don’t let him jump on the furniture, beg for food or go potty in the house. There are many techniques out there to train them on good behavior.

While you are showing off walking your prize possession around the neighborhood, don’t let him walk you. You can’t let your dog think that they are the dominant one and pull you down the road. This can lead to trouble or injury for yourself or your dog. Dog Harnesses are highly recommended for walking dogs so that you can gain more control. Obesity in dogs is very common so they do need to exercise on a regular basis to stay fit.

If you keep your dog bowls filled to the top they will eat all day long. The vet will recommend to you on how many cups of food a day that your pet should consume. Overfeeding your loved one can cause many different health conditions such as diabetes.

When there is children around you will always want to supervise your pet. Dogs react differently around children and you always want to make sure that they are safe. Kids tend to want to tug, pull, play and be noisy, that bothers some pets. It can cause them to snap at the child or even bite them causing a serious injury!

Many owners keep their dog in a crate while they are not home so they can’t create any mischief. A couple of hours is fine but you can’t leave them in there for many hours, they too get a little stir crazy!

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