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Taking Care of a Sick Dog

If your dog is acting a bit strange and doesn`t want to play with you as usual, he maybe in the early stage of being sick. There are many different symptoms related to different conditions and you must always be aware of them in order to spot them on time and react accordingly; here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Hot spots, rushes and scratching can often mean that your dog is having an allergic reaction of some kind. Allergies can mainly happen as a result of a certain food he eats or they can also be seasonal, like those from rug weed in the autumn and pollen in the spring. Whichever it is, you must take it into serious account and get your best friend examined at the vet.
  • The loss of appetite is also an indicator that something is wrong
  • Behavioral changes are a strong indicator. If he is acting a bit lethargic, not willing to take action and play with you, it may be because he is not feeling that well. On the other side if he acts all aggressive and hostile, there is always the possibility that he caught rabies or is starting to develop canine dementia. With symptoms such as these ones, it is for the best to ask for professional help. If you happen to live in Oklahoma City then the Animal Emergency and Surgical center will have all the answers you need, you can also get info here on the different kinds of services they provide.
  • If your dog has diarrhea then most probably he is eating something that is not suited for him. Diarrhea is also a sign that he may also be allergic to a certain ingredient. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to change his food diet completely and see if the symptoms continue, this way you can establish which foods are safe to use by eliminating the harmful ones.

After recognizing that there really is a problem with your dog and taking it to the vet you will have to pay special, extra attention to him and give him all the love in order to go through with this difficult period. Find a good corner of the room and fix him with a nice blanket and pillow so he can feel warm and comfortable. It is always advisable to play some music for him too and lay down his favorite toys around his bed as well as keep a bow with fresh water at his site at all times. Make sure you spend more time with him and show him that you care. Apart from the prescribed therapy from the pet doctor, your attention will serve as the best remedy for your sick dog.

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