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Quick Tips to Rid Your Yard of Mosquitoes

Summer is right around the corner, but with bright summer days come the mosquitoes that have been quietly waking up and coming out during spring showers. Mosquitoes are not only bothersome, but they are disease carriers which means that you should take action to protect your yard from becoming infested with them. It is important to understand upfront that you will never be able to completely rid your mosquitoes, unless of course you want to put a net around it, but you can reduce the herd and thin them out to reduce the chance of getting bitten.

There are a number of things you can do to help make sure that you combat mosquitoes and ticks if you also have an issue with these bothersome pests as well. First you want to reduce the breeding sites that are available to the bugs and make it hospitable to mosquitoes. You can do this by making sure that you do not have any sources of standing water around the yard. Mosquitoes have to have stagnant water to lay eggs, and the areas do not have to be that large as they only need an inch of water. Therefore, you should walk around your yard and look for any sources of water that may pool. Puddles, toys, tree holes, rain gutters, and toys are all possible places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Next, you will want to try to control the mosquitoes that are already hanging out around your home. You can do this by crushing the leaves of citrosa to create citronella oil that will repel mosquitoes. You can also create a small decorative pond that will draw the mosquitoes to breed in it, but stock the pool with gambusia which eat mosquito eggs. By doing this you trick the mosquitoes into breeding in an area where you know you will not have to worry about dealing with the eggs.

At this point, you will have altered your yard enough to help prevent more mosquitoes from taking over, but you need to combat the ones that have already laid claim to your area. You can do this by hiring a company like Mosquito Squad found at to come in and spray or fog your yard. Spray helps kill mosquitoes that are already grown and fogger will instantly kill mosquitoes when it comes in contact with them. The spray does last for a longer period of time and is a great way to get areas where the mosquitoes may be sleeping.

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