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Protecting Your Family’s Assets


Rogers & Gray Insurance Company, offers automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, marine insurance, private client group Insurance, Flood Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, for your private assets. Their insurance will protect your family from unintentional accidents, or injuries. Water damage, fire damage, electrical damage, etc. All properties are covered. Whether you are a renter, owner, for your personal, and commercial properties. Rogers & Gray Insurance Company will protect you in lost, damaged, and destroyed items. There are many insurance companies out there to make a selection from. Having benefits, and disadvantages with them. Many times you will find their insurance rates are standards, for all customers. This insurance company will design, and construct a personal policy plan, for your needs.

Rogers & Gray Insurance has experts that will walk you through the entire process. They offer Condo Insurance, which protects your personal, and family assets. Most condo insurance policies, cover only damage to the facility. You get, complete coverage here! Getting Marine Insurance, will keep you covered,compensated, while working. The property, yourself, are covered on both ends. It is always better to have additional protection, and not being under protected. Premier clients, have the advantage of Private Client Group Insurance. It is an upgrade, from traditional primary coverage. Secondary insurance, covers all other private assets that are left uncovered. Choose Umbrella Insurance, for additional liability. Beneficial, if being sued, by an individual, or group of people. You are covered on both ends, when your primary insurance covers you to a certain limit. Umbrella Insurance handles the rest of the money awarded. You will not be required to come out of pocket for anything. The company protects yourself, and your family personal assets. This insurance company has been around, for over a hundred years. Good reputation, trusted, and dependable tracking record. They were ranked 88th in the United States, as an independent insurance company.

Choose an insurance company, that is not new on the block, and offering you no additional support. There are several insurance companies out there that go in, and out of business. Offering, clients much cheaper rates. This insurance company policy rates, and prices will not exceed your budget limit. Arbella, Massachusetts Fair Plan (MPIUA), Narragansett Bay, National Orange, Plymouth Rock, PURE, Safety, Travelers, United Property & Casualty (UPC), and Vermont Mutual are their insurance carriers provided. This company provides seminars, and webinar educational training events. Make well-informed decisions, before investing into any insurance company and policy.

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