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How to Stay Warm in the Wintertime

It is that time of year where the weather has gotten cold. If you are anything like me, you despise Winter and dread this time of the year because you can just never seem to get warm. I will mention that I recently moved to a warmer climate however, and it is so nice not to have snow or bitter cold anymore. Sure there is always heat you can turn on if you are lucky enough to have it in your home. But what if your heat isn’t working? You can call AC service mentor to come help! They can help with service relating to heating units, water heaters and heat pumps! I know that I personally turn the heat on for a little bit right when I wake up in the morning so it’s nice and warm while I get ready for work, and also for a bit once I get home from work because my home has cooled down during the day while I have been away.

Another useful thing to do to keep your family warm in the chilly winter months is to buy a space heater. This is nice if you don’t have central heat, or if you simply want to keep a smaller area warm. I have a space heater in my bedroom and it is lovely for when I am trying to fall asleep. Another added benefit of the space heater is that it doesn’t use much electricity so it helps to keep your utility costs down rather than running your central heat all the time.

A third thing you can do to keep your family warm in the chilly winter months is to bundle up. As much as you might not want to layer clothes because it makes you feel bulky or like a big marshmallow, being warm is worth it in my book. A trick that I’ve found being a woman is to wear tights underneath my jeans or work pants during the day as a little extra way to keep in the warmth on my legs. My husband thinks it’s hilarious, but I am warm and comfortable. Sweaters are so nice this time of year. That is probably one of my favorite things is the big, chunky sweaters that keep you warm and snuggly. Another piece of clothing you might laugh at but works well are toe socks. Yes I said it, toe socks. You might feel ridiculous, but if you are wearing pants and shoes nobody will ever know. Trust me I do it all the time, nobody knows and I’m happy and comfortable all day long! If your hands and feet are constantly cold like mine, consider using hand/feet warmers inside your gloves or socks. These little packets are fantastic and not really bulky so you won’t mind much having them in your gloves or socks.

I think the best rule of thumb to keep in mind when trying to keep your family warm in the chilly winter months is simplicity. The things I’ve mentioned aren’t lavish or extravagant. They are small, basic and economical ways to stay warm. Although it is blistering cold outside, you don’t have to be! Implement some of these tips today, trust me, you will be glad that you did!

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