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How to Get That Perfect Shave

It may not have been a priority when we were young, but as we get older, the importance of a close and comfortable shave becomes a goal that most of us continue to shoot for. From the first day that we place a blade to our skin, the results we encountered were less than perfect. Maybe we were missing a few essential steps that would have made all the difference in the world. Here are a few basic techniques that we should be looking for in The Art of Shaving.

As with every project we take on, there will be a stage where readiness is important and that also applies to shaving. We need to assemble the required tools, a place to work in and of course, the subject needs to be ready. The average man (unless he knows better) will walk around all day with a dry face, so in preparation to begin shaving, your face should be washed with warm water, either in the shower or at the sink.

There are two basic tools that you can choose from when you decide to shave, an electric razor or the disposable alternative. Some people prefer the electric razor because they don’t need to pay for the lotions, while others believe that a disposable razor will give them a closer shave every time. The truth of the matter is that if you have the nerve (and a steady hand) there is another option and that is a straight razor, the kind that you might see in a barber shop.

Although it is possible to shave without any cream or lotion, the exercise can be a little uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that the possibilities of accidental cuts on your face will be greatly increased. Once again, there are a few options to choose from, shaving cream, shaving gel, shaving lotion and you can even use regular hand soap. The choice you make here will make a big difference as to what your face looks like after the job is done.

When a man grabs a shave at the barber shop, they are always fascinated by how good the job is when they are finished, although a big part of that success is probably due to proper application techniques and the fact that a barber will usually perform the miracle with a straight razor. If you notice, the barber uses an application brush (instead of his 2 fingers) to apply the shaving cream, allowing a better application process, which definitely makes a difference.

And finally, the last stage in your shaving techniques, after you wash the soap, lotion, or cream from your face is going to be the after shave lotion. This should not necessarily be about how good you smell (as important as that may be) but what kind of skin you have and whether it needs a little extra care. Unless you like the burning sensation, you might want to avoid after shave lotions that are full of alcohol and go gentle with the application.

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