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How Lawyers Can Help with Social Security Disability Cases

When people try to apply for social security disability on their own, chances are they will get denied the first time. This is because they don’t have sufficient evidence to prove that they are disabled, or they don’t have a lawyer to help them out with their given case.

Parmele law firm and how they can help
At Parmele law firm, they guarantee that they will help people obtain the benefits they are entitled to. Plus they help those folks who live in the following states: Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.

How to get a free consultation
If you go to, off to the right hand side they have a box where you can request a free consultation. All you have to do is fill out your first and last name, email address and phone number with area code. After that, just click on the button where it says “click here” and you are set to go .

Why choose Parmele law firm for your disability claim?

  • No fees unless of course you win the case
  • They have provided over 50,000 cases or so over the years
  • The law firm actually helped fill out the online application form for their clients so they don’t have to do it in person
  • The team will do anything in its power to win your case for you

What their website features
The law firm website contains a client section where past clients would discuss their most recent experience with the lawyers at the firm. In addition, the site has a questions section, an about us page and even a blog. Listed below are their office locations and towards the right hand side, there is a contact box where you can reach out to them for your assistance.

The disability process
Sometimes it takes months or even years to get your disability payments that you are entitled to. With the Parmele law firm, they will make the process much easier and faster by getting your payments right on time. You can either hire a lawyer from the Social Security Administration office or you can hire the Parmele firm… it’s your choice.

Parmele Law has fought over 22 years in regards to the social security system and will continue to fight… that is his strong promise to the people who want to apply for social security disability.

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