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Helping Your Child Through Rough Times

When children are young it is just so easy to help them through tough times because tough times are usually remedied with a nap, a snack, or a kiss on the injury. They are open when sharing their troubles, and actually seek your advice. As children age, it gets more and more difficult to connect with them and understand what they are going through. And at times, things can be really bad. But there is help at the adolescent drug treatment at the Palm Beach Institute should things begin to take a turn for the worse.

When you are experiencing difficult times with your children it is important to keep in mind that they are, after all, just children. Many of the things that you experience as an adult are old news to you now. It doesn’t make a bit of difference to you if one of your friends decides to eat lunch with someone else, or if your boss is having a rough day at work and takes it out on you. You might get frustrated for a moment, but after you’ve had time to think about it, you calm down and realize it wasn’t about you.

Children have a very different experience when difficulty arises. If it is a new difficulty, if it is something they haven’t experienced, they won’t know how to react. They will look to you for the answers as to what they should do and for comfort.

One of the worst things you can do when your child comes to you for help is to brush it off as unimportant. This makes a child feel as though his feelings are invalid. Rather than brush it off, ask the child what he thinks he should do, and try to find a solution together. Relate a story about when something similar happened to you as a child and give them an opportunity to see you as flawed and how you came through it.

If your child is experiencing difficulties because of a major life change such as divorce, death, or serious illness, it is more important than ever to keep the lines of communication open. They need to know that you’re there and that you’ll listen when it counts.

And, if you find that your child has done something wrong, something really wrong, they need to trust that you still love them, that you will love them no matter what. More than a punishment, they need to know that they have value to you and that you are willing to fight for them and with them at your side to make things right again. There should be boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. They can’t continue to do what is wrong and avoid consequences, but they shouldn’t question whether you love them.

If life does get too much for your children and they get into serious trouble you can find helping hands and adolescent drug treatment at the Palm Beach Institute.

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