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Getting Ready for your LDS Mission

Going to a foreign land can be a scary trip, especially the first time. Having a goal on that trip can make it easier, but it can be one of the most stressful things a young woman can do. There are some sister missionary tips that can make it somewhat easier, and make life that much simpler. Most of the tips are quick to accomplish, while others are items that a young woman should be doing anyway as part of her mission preparation. It is just a matter of figuring out what is important in order to make sure that the mission goes well.

Research is the friend of the young missionary. If the mission takes the young woman to a foreign country, then she should do some basic research on the country in question. Learning some of the local language would be a good idea as well. A smart phone can be of major assistance, especially if translation apps have been downloaded unto it. Watching videos from the country in question can help as well to get a better feeling for the culture. The more one knows about a country the better, and there are numerous resources out there.

Something that needs to be debated is self-defense. Although it may seem out of synch with a peaceful mission, the sad reality is that the world is not always peaceful. This is not to advocate the carrying of weapons or taking up violent ways, just that learning tactical awareness is something that should be learned. Being aware of potential trouble will help someone avoid it, and knowing some basic self-defense will help to escape from it. Whether or not to learn self-defense will probably be one of the first major dilemmas a young woman will face on her mission.

There will be other dilemmas a young woman will need to face. Research will allow some awareness of potential crises when she arrives in the new land, and asking a few good questions on a discussion board or two will also help. It is possible to make friends in the new country before arriving there due to social media, which will make life easier. Another advantage is that is possible to have friends outside of the guides assigned, which sometimes makes it even easier to become assimilated into the local culture, which makes the mission go that much smoother.

These sister missionary tips should make the mission go well. One last tip: Do not worry so much as to whether or not it succeeds. The more pressure that a person puts on herself the more likely that she is to fail what she attempts. Take the mission seriously but allow for some living and the mission should go well.

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