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DIY Halloween

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often forget a time when things were simpler. Halloween is no exception. In the world of Facebook and Pinterest, we feel like we have to deliver a spectacular costume for our kids or we will fail them. There are ready-made costumes you can buy but they are often expensive or cheaply made. Let us give you a few ideas of easy to make costumes that will look great on your little one this year.

Peacock or Parrot

A little exotic bird might be exactly what you’re looking for. A ballerina bun, a bright colored leotard and tights in a contrasting color are all you’ll need for the base of this costume. For a parrot, make wings to hang down from your child’s arms so that when they lift their arms, they show off their plumage. The peacock might be the easiest as you can make the full tail and then attach it at the last minute, making this a good idea for little ones. You can even add the edge of authenticity by using real feathers. You can even get peacock feathers wholesale online. Order early and create your beautiful little bird.

Paper Doll

A paper doll might be the easiest costume ever. Lay your child on a piece of cardboard, making note of their measurements. Then you can design a dress or outfit and even have them help you color it in. Be sure to leave the signature white tabs on the edges. Dress your child in a solid color and attach the cardboard with rope or strings. Accessorize as needed, add hair and makeup and you’re ready to go.

Kitten or Puppy

An solid color sweatsuit, a tail and ears are all it takes to make your little one into an adorable kitten or puppy. For the ears, attach pieces of cloth to a headband. The tail can be a strip of cloth pinned to the waistband of their pants. You can skip the ears and give your little girl pigtails for the perfect puppy look. Add some facepaint for nose and/or whiskers to finish the look.

Preparing for Halloween, or any costume party, doesn’t have to take over your life. With some imagination and a nod to the simple, you can have the cutest costume at the party without giving up all of your free time.

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